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- Jiaqi Peng


My name is Jiaqi Peng, a Chinese living in Denmark. You can also call me Olivia.

During my bringing-up, people always say I have 2 brains, on one side I am quite logical, on the other side, I am emotional and creative. I had learned violin for 7 years during my childhood, which definitely helped me to get the right "taste" to arts and emotions. I always love to take pictures, and the trigger makes me become a part-time photographer is my beautiful boy Joseph, whose smile and cuteness always cannot stop me catch the colorful childhood of him.

I began to upgrade my camera, learn online-lessons, tried to use weekends to take kids and family photos. With the recognition from different people, I also began to try different types of photography, e.g. wedding, portrait, and even pregnancy and newborn.

Life is a learning journey, and I am so glad that I have found photography as my motivation booster, which ensures me to be more optimistic and energized towards life.

And I would also love to help you to catch your great moment in your life:)

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